Growing Forward

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Hey guys, Jason Sulea here, I’m stoked to contribute to this blog and be a part of this community!

Gaming has been a part of my life from as early as I can remember. My first console was a Super Nintendo that I vividly remember receiving one Christmas, best gift ever! The countless hours I spent playing Super Mario World, TNMT Turtles in Time, or NBA Jam Tournament Edition (“HE’S ON FIRE!!!”) are some of my fondest memories.

What I especially loved about those early gaming years was how communal it was. Whether it was huddling around the TV in the living room with my friends, or next to total strangers at an arcade (yes I’m old enough to remember arcades, and they ruled) I saw first hand how gaming could bring people together. Now, we can huddle around almost any screen with people from all over the world with things like Twitch and Discord, how awesome is that?

Gaming allows you to experience another life perspective (Red Dead Redemption 2 especially comes to mind) while adapting the lessons you’ve learned to your own life. For some it can be therapy, a way of working through issues that can’t be done in the real world. For others, it’s merely a way to pass the time, and that’s cool too! Gaming can be what it needs to be for each of us individually while also bringing us together.

All that to say, when I hear “life’s a game” I can’t help but smile to myself a bit. As gamers, we understand that better than most. So let’s go out there, grind for that experience, double check the map, and remember: life’s a game.


Jason Sulea

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  1. Jacob

    Thanks for sharing!


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