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Well here it is, my first blog post!

First off I want to say that I’m excited to see how things have grown so far in this community even though this site just barely launched.

For those who are just coming across UDLR right now, we are a community of gamers who got together in 2020 to play some games online while everyone we were being quarantined and going through the many hurdles that the pandemic brought. We thought it would be a good idea to organize tourneys, get people together, and hang out and so here we are.
As UDLR continues to start and grow on the apparel side, what really matters most and always will is the community being able to game together. It’s what brings us together and what’s truly valued.

The vision I have for UDLR is to show that gaming is a part of normal life and can bring value, whether you game for fun, for connection, or for work. It doesn’t matter the age, race, religion, class, sect, etc. Gaming goes beyond the game itself and it’s a way we can view a lot of things in life. That’s why the tagline is “Life’s a Game”.

I’m excited now, and even more so of the future of UDLR and its crew. We’ll see how the apparel unfolds and I’ll see you guys in some of the upcoming tournaments!

gg, “Laggy”
A. Jacob Tarau


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