Passions are Messy


Dear blog,

Today my buddy Laggy asked me to write a bit about life and gaming. It was at that point I realized I’d never written in a blog before xD

I’ve gamed ever since my parents bought me a PS1 for my birthday when I was 5. I spent that summer beating Tony Hawk and Crash Bandicoot.

I got competitive with games from 14-17 and then left gaming behind for a while when life got busy.

Now I’m 30 with kids of my own and 2 of my boys love to game. (My wife can’t argue with me when they ask me to play) lol

Gaming will always be a passion of mine… and I will always enjoy finding/supporting gaming communities that offer events and good moderation. I’m happy to have found UDLR and hope to get good at some of the games they host events for!

I’ve got some messes to clean up and a diaper or two to change and then I’ll see yall in game later ; )


(Verocity Gaming)


  1. Laggy

    Thank you for sharing, Kurtz!

  2. Hudson Flatt


    • Chickenparmacist

      I need to have more kids so the wife can’t argue about playing! Lol great post!


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